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Vegan friendly, non-gmo, CBD infused candies with a sophisticated wine gummy sweetness.

30 x 5mg CBD = 150MG CBD Per Pack


30 x 10mg CBD = 300MG CBD Per Pack

Ingredients: CBD Isolate, Coconut Oil, Sugars (sugar, invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup), Water, Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Calcium Nitrates, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, Wine, Artificial Flavor, Sodium Malate, Natural Colors (Blackcurrant, Black Carrot).

buy CBD gummy bears .they are candies that have a specific amount of CBD oil in them. Some of the ingredients are sugar, flavoring, corn syrup, cane juice, and preservatives. Normally, there are zero traces of THC and are not going to affect your brain and they do not alter your mind.

moreover ,Each adorable bear delivers 10mg of soothing hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts in a mouth-watering sweet n’ sour gummy. Each bottle offers 30 gummies, giving you the ideal way to incorporate CBD into your daily wellness routine . You can review the results of the test using a QR code on any package.buy CBD gummy bears

further more GUMMY BEARS (8oz) feature all of the incredible benefits of CBD packed into a fruity, tasty, chewy treat. Each gummy bear contains 10mg, 20mg, or 40mg of non-GMO hemp sourced from Denmark.  As they’re made fresh to order without fillers & binders, their texture and consistency will differ from your run-of-the-mill gummy bear for quality you can taste.buy CBD gummy bearshttps://www.420junglez.com/product/lowel-smokes-7-pre-rolled-joints/

howeverthe number one reason to choose CBD Gummies is that the product is legal across America and requires no prescription. This automatically saves you the hassle of driving to your doctor’s to get a license — that is if you live in a state where marijuana


2 reviews for CBD GUMMY BEARS

  1. Jose M

    guys you gotta try this out , dont be scared they legit

  2. Jessica K

    so good , exactly what i expected

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